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I founded Mushmoon Studio in October 2017 in an effort to raise $5,000.00 to publish "Dance to the Beat of Your Heart​".  Once published, the proceeds would go to charity or be used to help advocate for alternative mental health treatments as well as helping to reduce the suicide rate through open conversation and honest exchange.

Now, the idea has morphed.  I want to grow Mushmoon Studio large enough so that I can hire people who struggle with mental health issues and offer a safe place to work.  I want to offer a mental health care plan that ensures your mental health is tended to properly, as well as other perks to ensure you're okay inside and out.

I remember how painful it was to deal with suicidal depression alone.  I was also blessed to have been able to come out of the tunnel of darkness and bask in the beautiful sunshine.  Now, I can thrust my hand back into that darkness and start pulling others into the sun where they belong.

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